What began as the major female role in an original musical in a neighborhood youth center in a northern Tel-Aviv district, has grown and developed to numerous roles and activities in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles.

Noa has a busy acting career.

Her American resume includes a role in Michael Bay’s movie “The Island”; a role in “Love and Suicide”, directed by Lisa France and Damien Linchenstien, and numerous TV series like “Enterprise”, “Charmed”, “Las Vegas”, “Nip Tuck”, “Drew Carry” and more.

In Israel she played a lead role in the first and most successful Israeli TV series “Ramat Aviv Gimel”. She played the role of the fashion designer of a well established, family owned fashion house.

During the same period she played every night at the National Theater “HaBimah” the lead Porto Rican girl Anita in Leonard Bernstein tragic Broadway musical “The Westside Story”. She was given excellent reviews by the musical, theatrical and dancing critic of the written and electronic media.

Noa had major roles in countless Israeli TV programs.

In L.A. Noa is presently working on a new drama series and is filming a new movie, in the lead role.