Noa Tishby was born in Tel-Aviv, and as a toddler she was bursting with joy and enthusiasm, only to grow to being a full fledged tomboy seeking adventure at every corner.

From early childhood her drawing and sculpting talents were evident; as did her exceptional musical capabilities. From the moment she became aware of her body movements, she did it in tune with the background classical music played in the apartment. As she gradually developed and grew, so did her dancing around the house and on the furniture expended. The only time she sat still was when she was drawing or sculpting. Even most of her home works were done either standing, singing or dancing.

She studied four years plastic art at the Tel-Aviv Museum, on a scholarship by a municipality fund, dedicated for talented young artists.

But fate headed in a different direction.

At the age of sixteen she was chosen by Yaron Kafkafi to play the lead female role in his musical “David” which he wrote, music and lyrics, and directed in the neighborhood’s youth center.

Yaron coached Noa for her high school’s end of the year party and immediately recognized her gorgeous voice, dancing and playing talents.

Actually Noa had a major part in all of the end of the year parties in her classes. Not only did she participate in each and every one of them, but she also produced the settings. Towards the end of the school year, her mother’s living room would morph into an artist studio. She would design and draw the settings while her peers would paint and attach the pieces, creating the setting.

Correspondingly she became the soloist of a soft rock group, aptly named “Cactus”, performing at various nightclubs.

During military service she finally realized that performing arts would be her profession and plastic arts turned into a hobby she pursues relentlessly.

At the age of nineteen, while still serving in the army, she was chosen for a lead role in Israel’s first and most successful ever TV series “Ramat Aviv Gimel”, as the fashion designer of a highly successful family fashion company, with all its intrigues, deceitfulness and infidelity.

Two years later, still playing in “Ramat Aviv Gimel”, she formed with a close friend, Gal Asher, a soft rock ensemble, “NONA”, in which she wrote most of the lyrics and jointly the music.

The songs are in English and were released on a disk which rapidly sold and some of the songs become great hits on the hit parade.

The disk was also released in Japan, and sold briskly.

Noa has unique talents for languages and can imitate any accent, with perfect English she fluently speaks British, American and Australian English, depending on whom she is with at any moment.

As though all theses activities were not enough, Noa stared every night at the Ha’Bimah National Theater in Leonard Bernstein’s tragic musical “West Side Story” playing Anita, the Porto Rican lead girl, attaining extremely enthusiastic appreciation from theater, music and dance critics alike.

For two consecutive years she also anchored “Miss Israel” contest.

Throughout those years she studied music, acting, dancing and singing with the best teachers, coaches and I in schools available in Israel.

At the age of twenty three Noa decided to continue studying in the U.S.A. She went to the New-York and Los Angeles to check on potential schools and teachers and decided on Los Angeles. In spite of the difficulties of the unknown ahead, leaving her family and friends behind, she felt compelled to pursue her studies and improve on her natural talents at the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, so as not to regret years later, not having expanded her horizons.

Particularly difficult to her was leaving behind her family and friends. Noa is an adoring daughter to her parents, a devoted sister to her four sisters and a doting aunt to her eight nephews, four boys and four girls. Her best friends in Israel date back to kindergarten and first few years in elementary school.

She left them all in search of knowledge and improving her talents.

Within less than a year Noa landed modeling jobs for a cosmetic company, hair care treatment co. and a liquor co.

A year later, following a long grueling series of auditions in singing, dancing and acting, she was awarded a contract with the giant music company MCA.

Regrettably, this was a short while prior to the music industry’s collapse early this century and which is still reeling from it today and the contract never materialized.

However she soon landed numerous contracts for TV series, such as “The Drew Carey Show”, “Enterprise”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Miss Match” “CSI:Miami” “Las Vegas”, “The 4400”, “Charmed” and many more.

Noa also participated in various movies, one of them is “The Island”, directed by the renowned director Michael Bay, who is considered by many as an exacting director, dreaded by many on the set.

It is said that Noa, who is a born stand-up comedian as well, managed to make him smile.

The movie’s $130 million budget is a futuristic thriller depicting a supposed shelter to people who survived an atomic war, waiting for their lottery chance to go to the only atomic clean island. Noa plays the announcer who calls on those “lucky” enough to have been chosen to move to the “Island”.

She continues her singing career, performing before diverse audiences and in nightclubs, including in the popular “Viper Room” in Los Angeles.

For six years Noa was the house model of “IL MAKIAGE” Israel, and is now the leading model for the prestigious Jewelry Israeli company “Miller”.

She recently added an extra name, Tohar (meaning “pure” in Hebrew), following a suggestion given to her by a foremost Kabalistic Rabbi.

Notwithstanding all her diverse activities, being an animal lover, she finds the time to raise a dog, a gorgeously mischievous Labrador, named Tuli.

On days when she has no auditions or meetings, Noa still raises early in the morning, practices Yoga daily, works out at the gym, takes her regular acting, dancing and singing lessons, with private trainers and coaches and studies Kabala.

And as if this is not enough Noa has a range of hobbies, among them reading, drawing and painting (one of her painting was sold in an auction in Paris few years ago), boxing, horse back riding, ski and the list runs longer, had she had more time.